Day 1: Explanation


I have decided to give writing another shot. It has been very erratic since I started Hilibofas so I am going to try and work on writing something once a day for 30 days. I don’t think that everything will be gold but I would like to try and push myself to write at least a paragraph a day. No agenda in what I will write about but it will be something.

So what does that mean for you the reader? Probably nothing but maybe a “Like” or a “Share” would help to motivate me and feel like I wasn’t falling on deaf ears. It’s possible that I may end up doing that so that would be ok as well. Shoot I might even go for a comment if you want to be bold but I want you to know that after I publish each one I will be looking to see if anyone has visited the maybe once every 5 minutes. Just so I know that my knowledge, wisdom, or downright funny jokes have reached someone! (All of this is really a joke so you know. Not me doing this for 30 days but the need to be heard by millions at least. I will settle for 10,000


So now to the “Meat” of Day 1.



I have been thinking about the word “Honesty” and what that means to me and in my life currently. According to the dictionary the word Honest means “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere”

I can’t say that the past few weeks have been honest weeks for me. I think that is what has lead me to my mental break or mental breakdown. Who would have thought that at the age of 26 that someone could have a breakdown. I am hoping that this means I will not have to worry about it when I am 50. It has been a great time to take a look at life and see what is important and what isn’t. What I can do to be honest and what I can do to take steps not to be dishonest. I don’t think I have many answers to the steps yet or where I am going with this just yet but I am sure that I am almost on the right path. A few more bumps in the road are ahead but I think you can say that with almost anyone.

Well folks hope that was life changing and I am looking forward to diving back in for Day 2 tomorrow. Won’t have to explain myself this time around so I think it should be a bit better.